What is your relationship with food?


Thats a picture of me in 2001 , I was in Bali, Indonesia

As you can see from the picture I truly enjoyed eating. That is the first thing i took control of when i decided to change my lifestyle. Like many of us food is our comfort zone. We enjoy eating it and we celebrate it.

Let me start by saying I am Filipino. Our food as a culture is truly bad for you. We use heavy sauces ,lots of salt and fatty meats. However, every nationality has the same qualities in their food. Even though its bad for you we enjoy this food because it gives us pleasure.I decided that as a treat I would eat filipino  food twice a month. This would be my gift for my hard work. This is comfort food and when i am comfortable with my body I enjoy it even more.

The next step is to define how we eat.We are told to eat 3 meals a day (where is that written?) . Our bodies are storage devices. What we eat is stored for energy,if we do not utilize this energy we gain weight. I don’t suggest skipping meals , just limit the size. You know your body better than anybody else.What worked for me was a very light breakfast and lunch and a healthy size dinner. I planned my meals according to my day. If i knew that i was having a huge dinner I would eat smaller breakfast and lunch.

Its all about planning,celebrations and gatherings are planned ahead. If you know you have an event at the end of the week plan ahead. Eat smaller meals daily ,by the time you have that event you wont feel as bad indulging.When eating out use portion control, share a meal,eat half,no salad all of these help. When I eat out with family I don’t even order,I just have a little from everyone’s plate.

Things to keep in mind,like i said earlier our bodies are storage devices. We eat and store this energy. If we don’t use this energy its stored as fat. So if you work in an office and have a huge lunch and then go back and sit on your ass that stored energy will become fat.Eat half your lunch and snack on the rest as you work or have it for dinner.Honestly the best thing to do is bring your own lunch,save money and control your portions.

These are words I live by “eat to live,don’t live to to eat”…




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